Drive With Your Wings Free On Roads With A Legal Permit

The fast moving world needs everything quick and immediate. When comes to obtaining a license, even people without a proper driving skill are granted one and the profession is being bribed. But why should everybody be holding one? What is the necessity? Like the other identification cards and proofs, driving license has now become an authenticated one and this can be presented anywhere in the name of proof. This small document contains information like:

  • Name of the person
  • Age
  • Education and qualification
  • Date of issue and expiry
  • Residence address
  • And a signature of a government official with the government seal


Generally a proof document is expected to reveal some personal information about a person and a driving license is good enough to provide all the expected information and hence is a valuable proof document.

Laws to bring down the eligibility age

As stated earlier, a person who has completed the age of 18 becomes eligible for a driving license. But this rule is slowly being protested and many people want this to be changed. The Australians feel that youngsters should be granted a probationary license at the age of 17 allowing them to take the roads on vehicles. They feel that this age factor has hindered many of the country`s educational and employment sectors and granting this would help mainly the rural people in breaking the employment and other barriers.

3Victoria follows a very strict and stringent procedure in granting a driving license, especially to a teenager with the view of reducing the number of road accidents being committed by the novice drivers. The government officials insist the fresh drivers above the specified age to hang an L board during their first few drives as intimation and warning to the other vehicles and the ones under the probationary licensing period to hang a P board. But the need for reducing this standard age limit of 18 to 17 for the probationary license has been initiated keeping in mind those who want to pursue higher studies or those who want to get into a good job, but are unable to due to a poor public transportation system cavc.

This request is strongly brought to the forefront by the Law institutes who want the government to consider this age limit with just a year less that would help to serve many anxious people in the country.  If this seems to be impossible for the government, they atleast want to execute this in the rural areas where there is a very bad transportation system and there are many who are unable to live their dreams just for this reason. Of course, the younger generation is being educated on being safe on road while driving keeping in mind the road safety rules, speed limits, blood alcohol, and is expected to abide by the traffic rules while on road in a motor vehicle. By reducing the eligibility by just a year will not make a big difference and in fact it will only make the drivers aware of what their responsibilities on road are which they will certainly follow keeping their dreams at the back of their minds.

1Though there is a constant pressure and insist from the law institutes to bring this law into execution , the Transport Accident Commission regrets to show a green flag to this rule keeping in mind the increasing number of road accidents, especially those involving teenagers of the age group 17 and 18. According to their estimation and judgment, they say that if the age limit for probationary license is reduced by a year, the fatal injury crashes will go up by a 10% every year which does not seem to be good sign.