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A driving license is a must for a person driving a motor vehicle. This is to ensure that he has undergone necessary training and practice in riding a vehicle and has obtained the necessary certification and documents to legally drive a vehicle without anybody`s help. This legal permit is offered by the officials working under the Indian government. It is generally from the Regional Transport Authorities or Offices that give a green signal to those aspiring to have one and this is not a simple process. According to the Motor Vehicle act, 1988, any person wanting to take the highway roads should have completed 18 years of age and will have to hold a legal license issued by the Transport authorities.

The procedure for obtaining a driving license is not easy and it requires the person to have a good driving skill. Like how age plays an important role, even driving skills are essential. It is not just enough to submit all the required documents but the person will be examined practically for his driving skills. But now-a-days, this has become a simple and easy one and anybody and everybody is seen holding a license. The procedures and rules these days are flouted and even the government officials have a great hand in this. It is money which is treated as God and anything is possible if you can afford to spend some pennies. Procuring a driving license is no exception to this. You just have to submit the documents with some money and you will be granted the legal permit to drive vehicles.

Need for a driving license

Why do you think a person needs a license to drive a vehicle when he has enough skills and ability to take the roads on them? According to the law, it is been stated that a person becomes eligible to drive a motor vehicle when he becomes a major, for this is when he is able to take rational decisions and becomes more cautious and conscious about the happenings around him. Every day, when we turn the pages of the newspapers, we read about atleast 2 to 3 road accidents and majority of it involves people holding a legal license. When this is the case with elderly people, imagine if the young blood is allowed to take the roads; the number of road mishaps is sure to increase.